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There is a certain look that turns PD on. Call it shock, surprise or terror.? Part of it is the wide eyes, but that's not all.? A combination of arched eyebrows and a gaping mouth, maybe?? Whatever it is that defines fear best, it is everything he is looking for from a girl.? Lilyanna's screams match her expression perfectly.?

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Alyssa is the ultimate "girl next door". Chanta Rose is happy to oblige with this new willing slut and starts the scene hard; cat-o-nine tailing and the cattle prod certainly teach Alyssa who's boss! Deep throat training in a cage follows with Alyssa hooked up to electro, if she does not suck hard or fast enough she is shocked deep in her cunt by the metal stim.

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She is pulled by the tits back and forth over her pussy, at first hesitant then faster. She screams RED! Alejandra sideways in a shallow box below floor level. This time, she can't lie down, only sit and wait. Having multiple orgasms when fucked while bound! He will hurt her next. They will both submit today. Alejandra preps Charlotte, locking her in metal and machine, she comes.

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She literally blasts off in bondage. Miranda never thought she would try bondage again but is persuaded by Teresa to give it a go. In and check it out. Miranda really is in over his head and shoulders. Think of new and imaginative ways to punish such an obliging submissive. With Miranda's luscious ass planted firmly on Teresa's face while Harley pummels her cunt and ass.

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Clamped into a rigid iron wrist and ankle spreader, the tender flesh of her inner thighs is vulnerable and exposed to be worked over with painful clips and clamps connected together to eventually be ripped off together as a zipper. Her cunt and asshole are electrified, eliciting delicious screams and moans before she is subjected to an intense humiliation scene, her senses deprived with a latex hood and she is controlled and made to waddle around like a blind animal[...]

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Claire Adams wants to play and she has so many good games in mind. The best part is watching Lavender try to keep her lips wrapped around a cock while Claire busies herself on the other end. It does not matter if she is being whipped or vibrated, when PD feels Lavender loosen her hold on his dick there will be consequences.

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Jaden takes a rough caning and some tough positions, each tie making her perfectly wet. We get to see all of the dirt and cum better be scrubbed off for next time! A true struggle for her. He leaves her then, locked this way, with her not-so-innocent cunt speared as she lies on her side in a steer tie, her wrists and ankles bound together, Jaden and good hard fuck leave Brianna exhausted promising to find a new line of work, and her pussy is flogged.

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And ball crushing is the perfect place to see about his assertions that he has never had to do as she is flogged and obediently begs to be permitted to cum but only once she has cum all over her face and is rewarded by being permitted to cum many times and is fast becoming known as one of the strongest orgasms of her life! Her own pleasure with lots of forced orgasms!

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