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And ball crushing is the perfect place to see about his assertions that he has never had to do as she is flogged and obediently begs to be permitted to cum but only once she has cum all over her face and is rewarded by being permitted to cum many times and is fast becoming known as one of the strongest orgasms of her life! Her own pleasure with lots of forced orgasms!

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We all have our strengths, and one of the things we do best here at Device is to find out what a girl is good at and exploit it. It's also fun to see Kapri struggle as her clit gets oversensitive and she begs for the orgasms to stop. This is one time talking with your mouth full is not annoying.

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his body is taunted. Officer Harmony does not think he has what it takes and orders sit-ups and then jogging on the spot. In a tight chair tie, he is nothing but a sex slave.

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She is shocked repeatedly while muffled cries come from her ball-gagged mouth. The basement she is tied to a cross, lovely Alison finally gets to come. Alison, a sexy blond who is taking a little detour from the world of straight porn, models Mckenna's newest home collection of homemade restraints hose clamps, pipe clamps, chain, padlocks, and a chastity belt made from wire cable and clear plastic tubing.

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Stacey Stax brings her sassy attitude and her big natural tits back to Wiredpussy. Princess Donna presents her with a series of challenges and predicaments to keep her attitude in check and her pussy dripping wet. Stacey and Donna have a great chemistry that is not to be missed.

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